Stoves in their New Homes

It’s very rewarding to get letters, emails and phone calls from customers who’ve bought our stoves and are enjoying them in their homes. We’re publishing a few of them here so you can get an idea of what they look like installed, and just how much these unique stoves can enrich your life.

Round Oak 14 at the Brown Rabbit Studio

If you are a Mill Creek customer and would like to have your stove and comments featured here, please contact us through the website and we’ll be glad to add you!

At Home on Mill Creek

Susan Poitevin purchased a Round Oak 14 from Mill Creek Antiques for her art studio on Mill Creek. The Brown Rabbit Studio is just one room and this smaller model stove fits perfectly in a corner by the front door.

For the artist, it was the perfect compliment to her studio. “The wood stove adds an old-time atmosphere to my studio, which was built in an old fashioned style,” says Poitevin. “Plus, it keeps us warm while we paint and draw!”

A Family Favorite

The Sweden Family chose a Great Western 1521 to heat the downstairs of their farm house. This particular model is elliptical in shape, making it very easy to position in a corner. It holds a good size log, and you can swing the dome and finial back to reveal a cook top.

Great Western 1521

There are many options for installing and fireproofing a stove; in the photo you can see how this family put stone veneer on the walls and ceramic tile underneath. In this custom setting it looks as if the stove has always been there.

The Swedens report: “Our children love to put on their pajamas by the wood stove. In fact, everyone who comes to our house is instinctively drawn to its warmth and beauty!”

Ten Years of Service

The Round Oak name is well-known among stove enthusiasts, and the Model 18 is an especially large and impressive stove. For Dan and Debi Konrade, it was just what they needed for the living room of their log home. When a stove is centrally located, especially in an open floor plan, it radiates heat in all directions. None of the warmth is wasted!

Round Oak 18

The Konrades recently wrote us to share how pleased they are with the stove’s performance.

“Here are the photos of the stove we purchased from you approximately 10 years ago. It still keeps us toasty and warm in our log home, we love it. Thanks!”

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